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KO Underground Construction, Inc.

KO Underground offers expertise in all of the following areas:




K.O. Underground Construction is qualified to perform PG&E gas installation for developers who recognize the time savings involved with an applicant install. Using the applicant install option leaves only the hot tie-in in PG&E's hands, which results in less opportunity for in-tract delays.

  • Only Perfection Corp. mechanical fittings used
  • 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • All sizes from 1/2" service to 8" main
  • Proficient in both select and butt fusion
  • Now offering Met fit couplings for repairs (saves on unnecessary excavation)
  • All new installations are pressure tested at 100+ p.s.i. in order to ensure the integrity of the system. Pressure test chart, as-built plans, and gas service records are available upon request.


A skilled team is ready to pull wire and start splicing as soon as the installed infrastructure is inspected and approved by the appropriate electric utility company's representative.
We can provide for the installation of all transformers, conductors, and equipment in projects in which we installed the infrastructure as well as in existing infrastructures installed by others. Quality workmanship and materials are the standard when using K.O. Underground Construction.


We provide for the installations of both decorative post top type street lighting as well as city standard cobrahead electroliers. Perferably the street light electric conduit is included within the joint trench. However, some municipalities require that a separate trench be dedicated to lighting alone.

We offer these services for those developers who prefer to have a total package when bidding out site utility improvements.


We provide the installation of a multitude of duct systems. We supply substructure for AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, and other carriers as well as city and private fiber optic systems. We also provide private telephone and electric systems for large apartment projects. K.O. Underground has the ability to satisfy all trenching and duct work needs. For further information or pricing, please contact us.


K.O. can provide the design for your electrical and gas transmission and distribution systems, as well as your site communication facilities. With this unique option, our clients have the ability to take part in the organization and placement of their dry utilities, transformers and sub-structures.

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